Dr. Dima Karadsheh

Dr. Dima Karadsheh

Dr. Dima Karadsheh is a consultant in research and training. Most areas of expertise are related to gender mainstreaming, women’s rights, women’s empowerment, feminist theory, and Christian personal status law. In addition to her experience in designing and implementing several programs and projects related to women’s political and economic empowerment, refugees in host communities, and policymaking. In addition to her technical expertise in qualitative research as a researcher and sociologist. She is a member of many national and regional alliances in the same field.
Dima worked as a gender and protection specialist at CARE International. She is working as a freelance consultant with several local and international organizations on gender mainstreaming, women’s political and economic participation, women at local councils, gender assessments and gender audits in agriculture, private sector, and solid waste management with International, local and governmental entities.

Dima holds a PhD in sociology and a master’s degree in women’s studies from the University of Jordan. In addition to a number of regional and national training programs specializing in the design and preparation of qualitative research, training in human rights, oral history, and policy making.

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